fate comic 001.jpg

My Fate, 2018

Bruixes, 2018

A webcomic, new pages updated here weekly.

Artist Statement, 2018

Two Colour Risograph printed, 25 page mini-comic. Available in webstore and select independent bookstores.

Wizard + Soft Pig for Shortbox Comics, 2018

Originally created as a web comic in 2017, the project became a published book thanks to Short Box Comics for ShortBox #7, the 100 page book consists of 8 strips and photographs of ceramic sculptures of characters. 

The book is available from Shortbox, and in select comics stores in the U.K. 


Inconsequences, 2018


Murphy, 2018

Texting, 2018


Night-time, 2017



Cool Tools, 2017


Peanut Butter and Honey - 2017

Children's comic, painted in goache.

Without, self published, 2017- Ongoing

A series of zines that compile thoughts, writing, comics and imagery ruminating on women’s roles in mythology.

Swimming, self published web-comic, 2017

A poem comprised of images and words, about swimming.

Plant Poem - 2017

Visual Poem, drawn in ink and painted in gouache, digital collage. 

Two Rivers for Jazz Dad Books, 2016

Two Rivers is a tale about identity and friendship set in a mythical world or warriors and giant god-beings. 


Raw Diary Comics for Jazz Dad Books, 2015

A collection of personal diary comics and illustrations. 



Poke Quest for Jazz Dad Books, 2014

A nostalgic comic referencing old nintendo game boy RPGS.


Red Earth Legend, for Comique, 2015

A mythic story about another world, made for online comics application for I-Phone.